Terms of Service

Terms of Service

  • 1. Chargeback

As for Chargeback, If filed a chargeback without any communication, it will be charged $25+$15 by bank to operate from your order. In this period, you money will be controlled and our seller cannot do any thing until the get the result from the bank after 180 days.

If you want the money back soon, please cancel your chargeback first and contact our customer service for help.

  • 2. Cancellation

Our warehouse will ship out your packages in 24h after we get your order(Order paid time).

If cancel order before it is shipped out, you should be responsible for 10% transaction fee(10%*order mount). It will be charged from your order by the payment system automatically when cancellation.

If cancel order after it is shipped out by customer reason, We'd like to help to call it back. But it maybe fail. If call back successfully, the logistics provider will charge $20 per package from the system. You should be responsible for this fee $20 and the round-trip freight per package (It will be charged by logistics provider from the system automotively).